Thank you for financially supporting Calvary Baptist Church.  Through your generosity, Calvary Baptist continues to make a spiritual impact in Russellville, Alabama and throughout the world.  Giving should be an act of worship – From the pew, computer or even your phone…Giving is a privilege!  You can give to Calvary Baptist Church through the following:
1) Traditional (from the pew).  Each service we receive an offering.
2) Mail your donations to:
     Calvary Baptist Church
     P.O. Box 207
     Russellville, AL 35653
3) We offer safe and secure Online Giving.
4) We offer safe and secure Mobile (Text Giving).  Text GIVE to 256-388-8209                                                How To: Text Giving

Need Help with Online Giving?

Getting Started:

  • If you have already set up a user email and password, click on SIGN IN
  • For a One-Time donation, click on the Fund drop down box and choose the fund in              which you wish to donate
  • Enter the amount
  • If you wish to donate to more than one fund, click on +Add Donation
  • Click on SUBMIT
  • If you wish to make this a RECURRING GIFT, click on the box listed, (then follow the              directions below) otherwise choose CREDIT CARD or BANK ACCOUNT.
  • Enter your card (the card may be a credit or debit card- gift cards and pre-paid cards will not process) or bank information.
  • Enter your billing information
  • Click Submit. An email will be sent to the email you listed as a receipt of confirmation.


To Set Up A Recurring Gift:

  • Use the directions listed above and click on the box next to Recurring Gift
  • If you do not have an account set up, it will prompt you to register so you may enter your information
  • Choose FREQUENCY and the START DATE
  • Enter your method of payment if it is not saved already.
  • Click Give Now if the amount and frequency is what you have selected is accurate.
  • An email will be sent confirming the information of your Recurring Gift


To Register for an account:

  • Click on SIGN IN
  • Enter the information requested
  • Click REGISTER- a confirmation email will be sent with your login credentials


Can’t remember your Password?

  • From the SIGN IN option, click on Forgot Password and a temporary password will be          emailed to the email address you list. Once you sign in with the Temporary Password, it will prompt you to create your own password.